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About Dr. Sorge from AbundaLife

Dr. Sorge Abundalife

Dr. Sorge N.D.

Meet Your Body Mind, Spirit Medicine Personal Coach
Robert H. Sorge Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Since 1964

  • 1948 Patient and Student of Bernard McFadden, The father of Modern Day Physical Culture
  • 1956 Fitness Instructor American Health Studios
  • 1959 Mr. North America 1st Place Winner
  • 1959 Developed Super Food Abunda Life’s 1st Food Supplement
  • 1960 Open 1st Fitness Club
  • 1961 1st Soldier To Challenge the U.S. Army By Refusing To Take Inoculations On Moral and Religious Grounds
  • 1963 Started Training Frank Zane Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia. The Only Man to Beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in Major Body Building Contest
  • 1964 Graduated Anglo American Institute of Drugless Therapy, Degrees in Drugless Osteopathy and Naturopathic Medicine
  • 1965 Began Nutritional Testing Services
  • 1968 Developed a Chain of 27 Fitness Clubs
  • 1975 U.S. Jaycees Educator of the Year Award
  • 1976 Started Abunda Life Church of Body and Spirit
  • 1978 Grace Calvert Church Of Faith Awarded Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Psychology
  • 1979 A.N.A. Naturopathic Doctor of the Year Award
  • 1980 World Congress of Professional Psychologists and Hypnotists Doctor of the Year award
  • 1984 Open Abunda Life Naturopathic Detoxification Body Fat Loss Boot Camp
  • Present Director of Abunda Life Medical Nutritional Testing Clinic

Body, Mind, Spirit Medicine is true Preventative Medicine, the viable and sensible alternative to Orthodox Drug Medicine.

Abunda Life Clinic New Jersey

A really good Naturopathic Doctor is Dr. Sorge in New Jersey.

List of Available Naturopathic and Alternative Medicine Services

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy
  2. I.V. Vitamin/Chelation Therapy 100 different I.V. Drips
  3. Oxidative therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy, PhotoLuminense, Medical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide I.V. Drips
  4. Ozone Infused Far Infared Sauna Therapy
  5. Cancer Nutritional Support
  6. Ionic Foot Detox Bath with Ozone
  7. Rife Vibrational Medicine ( 260 different programs)
  8. Vitamin Saturation Therapy
  9. Vitamin B-12 Shots
  10. Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Shots
  11. BrainWashing Psychotherapy for Stress, Smoking, Weight, Healing, Positivity ( Group and Personal)
  12. Nutritional Counseling
  13. Spine Strengthening
  14. Fitness Medicine
  15. World's Greatest BodyFat Weight Loss Program - Supervised
  16. Naturopathic Detoxification
  17. Human Growth Hormone / Anti Aging Medicine
  18. Nutritional Testing and Personal Health Evaluations