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Do You Need Brain Drugging Or Brain Nutrition?

Do You Need Brain Drugging Or Brain Nutrition?

By Robert H. Sorge N.D., PhD
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Since 1964

As difficult, as this may seem for you to accept in light of the endless stream of pharmaceutical propaganda that continually flood the media, no human was ever found to be deficient in a man made drug.
The way our orthodox drug medicine professionals push drugs one could easily think that drugs are essential and natural foods and that natural food supplements are optional. We can easily perceive that drugs are perfectly safe and natural food supplements are somehow bad for you, when the plain truth is the exact opposite.
Super nutrition is required for cognition ignition. Whether jump starting you brain, getting out of a mental rut, brain fog, preventing anxiety, depression, negative mental attitudes, stimulating creativity, or insuring consistent healthy brain function. Your brain demands nutrition. When deficiencies set in your brain works less efficiently.
When your brain is not supplied with an abundance of it’s required nutrition, or if it is fed fast foods, junk foods, devitalized foods your brain simply mal-functions. Faulty behavior patterns usually follow.
Should proper nutritional therapy remain unaddressed and / or sugar, junk food or foodless foods become a addiction named medical conditions will be attached to the nutritional deficiency syndrome. Psychotropic drugs usually follow. These types of drugs tend to only confound and complicate the condition simply because the bottom line cause is never addressed once drugging begins. Drugging only clouds the issue, never solves the real problem.
Every drug has serious potential side effects (poisoning effects) there are no safe drugs. Even simple over the counter drugs like aspirin are responsible for intestinal bleeding, stomach ulcers, macular degeneration, pancreatic cancer and 5,000 deaths a year. Taking an aspirin a day to thin the blood and prevent heart attacks constitutes, in my opinion, mass mal-practice, especially in light of the fact that there are so many superior natural food supplements that not only work better, contain real nutrition and most importantly have zero downside effects.
The brain represents less than 2% of the body’s total mass, but it requires up to 36% of the body’s oxygen and nutrition.
Oxygen is the brain’s first essential nutrient. When the brain does not have ample oxygen it simply shuts down. It may sputter a little like your car when it lacks necessary oxygen for ignition, but without ignition, there is no cognition. Oxygen is a key to optimal brain function.
A large percentage of our population is oxygen deficient at the cell level. How do we know this? When we evaluate people’s total health, we test their blood for oxygen levels. Some people have been oxygen deficient all of their lives. These people require oxidative therapies. Infusion of their brain with oxygen and nutrients is often necessary to compensate for their lifetime oxygen debt. A series of hyperbaric oxygen therpy treatments, ozone infusion, far-infrared sauna therapy and I.V. nutritional infusions in conjunction with a personalized nutrition program based on one’s individual bio-chemistry has transformed many brain fogged individuals into potentially creative geniuses.
Mind Over Mood

Because our nation is consuming more junk food. We have become more nutritionally deficient than ever before. This results in spending more on prescription drugs to treat brain fog, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, attention deficit and so called mental health conditions. Psychotropic drug treatment costs have tripled to 50 billion dollars a year.
Once hooked on these addictive substances it is very difficult to get off. Most importantly, the cause of the problem continues to remain unaddressed, requiring more and more ever-stronger drugs to suppress symptoms.
Tens of millions of Americans are on these dangerous substances. When they ask their doctor the simple question: “When will I go off these drugs?” what do you think the answer is?
According to the agency for health care research and quality health care, the increased spending elucidates society’s growing need for nutritional therapy. We do not need more brain drugs. We need better nutrition.
According to the U.S. Senate sub-committee on Human Nutrition, every American is nutritionally deficient in at least six essential nutrients. People on psychotropic drugs could easily be deficient in a few dozen nutrients. Individual diagnoses with named medical conditions could be deficient in fifty nutrients.
Nutrition is not emphasized by most medical doctors, because they have been trained primarily in drugs. Orthodox drug medicine revolves around the diagnosis. If there is no clear definitive diagnoses you are considered perfectly healthy. You could be one step from a crippling stroke, one breath from a lethal heart attack, or one cell count from devastating cancer and be told, “You’re perfectly healthy.”
It is not until an official diagnosis takes place that treatment begins. At that point, the horse has already run out of the barn.
In Naturopathic Medicine we believe in prevention rather than intervention. We attempt to catch disease before it gains a foothold – even before it is given a named medical condition. To accomplish this we must locate precursors to disease.
In Naturopathic Medicine, we believe that every symptom is a sign of a nutritional deficiency and every named medical condition is a long term nutritional deficiency that was ignored, unaddressed, or worse, suppressed with a drug.
The viable alternative, to waiting for a bull blown disease to be diagnosed, is Nutritional Testing and a Personal Health Evaluation. The diagnostic laboratory technology is now available that can determine your exact nutritional, metabolic and hormonal deficiencies, long before a serious diagnoses is rendered. This true preventative medicine that is based in your test results, definitive nutritional, metabolic, and bio-identical hormone recommendations can be made based on your individual biochemistry.

The National Time Bomb To Medical Disaster Is Ticking

Why is the establishment press so silent when it comes to true health care issues? Could it be that the establishment press is deeply influenced if not controlled by the pharmaceutical gang? Could it be true that whoever pays the piper, calls the tune?
On what T.V, Radio or news media did learn you learn that Seung-Hui Cho, the mass murder at Virginia Tech, was on anti-depressants?
What media source informed you that both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the mass murders at Columbine High School were on Luvox?
Was it Radio or T.V. that broke the news that Jeffrey Weise murdered his Grandfather and his Grandmother’s Girlfriend then went to Red Lake High School and killed seven more, wounding a dozen more was on Prozac?
Which media told you that Kip Kinkel of Springfield, Oregon was on Prozac when he murdered his parents then proceeded to school where he killed two students?
Duane Morrison went to Platte Canyon High School in Bailey CO. took six teenage girls hostage, sexually assaulted some, shooting one in the head. He was on antidepressants. Were you aware of that?
Louisville KY
Joseph Wesbecker marched into work with an AK-47 killing eight employees, wounding twelve more.
He was on Prozac.

Wakefield Mass
Michael McDermott gunned down seven of his colleagues at Edgewater Technology.
He was on Prozac.

Meridian MS
Doug Williams opened fire on co-workers at Lockheed Martin with a 12 gauge shotgun killing five, injuring nine.
He was on Zoloft and Celexa.

Newington CT
A disgruntled lottery accountant Matthew Beck killed four colleagues.
He was on Luvox.
Royal Oak MI
Ex-poster employee on. shot nine people, killing three.
He was said to be on Prozac.

Stoughton MA
Richard Shuman fatally dhot two of his business partners.
He was on Zoloft.

Huntsville AL
Jeffrey Franklin killed both of his parents with a hatchet and chopped up three of his younger siblings.
He was on Ritalin, Prozac, and Klonopin.

Purcell OK
Kevin Underwood, sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl, he then planed on cannibalism.
He was on Lexapro.
(The same drug sodomite and mass murder Jeffrey Dahmer was on.)

Augusta MT
Jeanette Swanson shot her two youngest children while they slept.
She was taking Paxil.

Boise ID
Sarah Johnson shot and killed both her parents.
She was on Zoloft.

Wakefield MA
Previously mild mannered 81 year old Anthony Dalesandro repeatedly stabbed his wife of 50 years with a kitchen knife while she slept.
He was on Prozac.

Alamogordo NM
Fourteen year old Cody Posey killed his father, stepmother and sister. He then hid the bodies and broke a window with an axe to suggest an intruder had committed the murders.
He was on Zoloft.

Quincy IL
Zachary Meeks set a house on fire that killed five children ages five months to two years.
He was taking Prozac and other anti-depressants.

Earlington KY
Christopher Hogan set fire to an apartment building. Three people dead.
He was on Prozac and Ritalin.

Jackson NJ
Fire Chief Thomas Swinger, consumed with anger over a family matter, set fire to a building destroying ti.
He was on Prozac.

Montello WI
seventy one year old Donald Gross attacked his wife with a claw hammer while she was sleeping and then tried to smother her.
He was on Prozac and other antidepressant drugs.

Lake Township OH
William Slabaugh held his wife by the hair and sprayed acid on her severly burning her face and 50% of her body.
He was on Prozac and other antidepressants.

Parma OH
Michael Gustafson was arrested for carrying a gun and impersonating a police officer. Pulling people over and detaining them.
He was on Ritalin, Prozac and other antidepressants

Wayne NJ
Wielding a 15 inch kitchen knife Frank Sanabria charged Police Officers who were forced to shoot him.
He was on Wellbutrin.

Grove City OH
Elizabeth Cooper a respected school teacher set 15 fires, commits a string of robberies over a two week period, the ran her car into a hours.
She starts on antidepressants two weeks before.

Orangevale CA
Mathew Blanford wanders the streets waving and licking a 30 inch Civil War sword. He was heavily medicated on antidepressants.

Salt Lake City UT.
Shirley Jean Shay, stole a fire truck and drove more than 50 miles at high speed before being stopped.
She was on Prozac.

Criminal Malpractice:
Crimes against Humanity and Insanity

Northpont FL
Larry Smith opens fire on a gas station attendant. He was charged with attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer with violence and battery.
He was acquitted of all charges by reason of insanity after the jury found that he was involuntarily intoxicated by his antidepressant medication.
Santa Cruz CA
Andrew Meyers violently attacked a longtime friend, using brass knuckles after a minor dispute. He was acquitted on the grounds he had an adverse reaction to Zoloft.
Spokane WA
Sharon Curry stabbed her 8 year old daughter to death then stabbed herself. She was acquitted by reason of insanity after the jury agreed that Paxil and Adderall caused drug induced psychosis.
There are thousands and thousands of cases like this all over the nation. The psychotropic drug time bomb is indeed ticking. Why haven’t you been told these facts by the establishment press?
The establishment press squanders untold time on total nonsense. Why haven’t they told us that almost every mass killer and sociopath has been on antidepressants, anti-anxiety and / or psychotropic drugs?
The establishment press has made themselves incredible, unbelievable, and nonsensical. It is apparent that they are in cahoots with big Pharma.
Where are our government protections, where are the police, where is the justice department, the FDA? The drug gang is committing mass murder and nobody is lifting a finger.
It is my opinion that in light of the information available, taking psychotropic drugs instead of natural food supplements is an act of insanity.
Doctors prescribing these types of drugs rather than proper nutrition are cowards guilty of criminal mal-practice.
Big Pharma and their drug lords are guilty of crimes against humanity.

In Conclusion

Nutrition is the foundation to both physical and mental health. There are no short cuts or quick fixes. The Drug Gang have proved this fact. Get yourself nutritional testing and begin a new way of life that is drug substance and junk food free…


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Anonymous said...

I don't think that whoever wrote that knew what they were talking about. Yes, in some, anti-depressants and other drugs suck. In others, they do worlds of good. My life would be hell without psychotropics. On them, I function, I'm able to do things I couldn't dream of doing otherwise, and I don't have my problems with mental illness.

As for that little bit about Jeffrey Franklin, it's a bit insensitive to talk about the family being "chopped up". They were attacked, yes, and they were attacked with weapons that could chop, but I don't think it is proper to go around talking about it like that. It is rude and brings up very painful memories of what it was like to see the Franklin children in the hospital after the attack.

Julian said...

In some cases drugs proves to be efficient to some extent but there are chances of side effects. So I think that the most required is the brain nutrition and brain vitamins if we really want a perfect and a healthy brain without any side effects. Brain nutrition is the best and natural way to develop and maintain a healthy brain.